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Mini Conchas Chocolate Abuelita

Mini Conchas Chocolate Abuelita

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Get ready for a delicious treat with our handcrafted Chocolate Abuelita Mini Conchas. Each one is made to order using fresh ingredients and without preservatives! They come straight from our ovens to your doorstep for the freshest experience. For the ultimate pairing, try them with our morning coffee blend available on our site. Sip on a relaxing hot cup of coffee and enjoy the perfect combination of Pan dulce and Mexican imported coffee.

What is a Chocolate Abuelita Concha? Chocolate Abuelita is a famous Mexican Chocolate that can be melted into hot chocolate made, this blend with our mini conchas creates a amazing chocolate taste in each bite. 

What is a concha? For those who are new to the concha world, a concha is known in Mexcio as 'Pan Dulce" or sweet bread, originally conchas are a tad bigger then the size of your hand, but these have been flavor packed into mini versions! try them and let us know how you feel about your new venture into the pan dulce world! these are best paired with our morning coffee blend. 

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