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El Duvalinazo

El Duvalinazo

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LARGE TEXAS SIZE chunky cookies. Limited Edition, Menu Changes every month!

Inspired by the beloved Mexican Duvalin candy. Handmade with real butter, this large chunky cookie offers a sweet and traditional experience.

At its heart, you’ll find a Duvalin candy center, providing a creamy and nostalgic burst of flavor. The chocolate cookie base is studded with rich chocolate chips, sweet white chocolate chips, and tart cranberries, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess.

What is Duvalin? Duvalin is a popular Mexican candy known for its creamy, dual-flavored (chocolate and strawberry ) spread that comes in a small package, perfect for enjoying with a spoon.

General ingredients: 
wheat flour, sugar, real butter, chocolate, eggs, raising powder, vanilla, and salt.
Allergy warning:
 our cookies may contain soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts or dairy products.
We do our best to avoid cross contamination but we do not guarantee it.
Weight: 180 grams each (approx)
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